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A websites key role is to generate business. Demonstrating creativity is only part of we can do to convert a website visitor into a customer. We work together to find the right website solution for your brand or business.

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Shaved Head Media can develop and design the best online presence possible for your brand or business. We can create any custom solution including, various template websites, e-commerce, and WordPress.

Responsive web design is an approach aimed at providing an optimal viewing experience—easy reading and navigation with minimal resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices.


Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization is a sweet science.  We’ve learned there is no one formula for everyone.  But the correct formula works!  Let’s talk today about creating a comfortable strategy, with informative statistics, and a real return on your investment.

Cross Media Strategy

Marketing and communication are the lifeline of your business. We believe every business deserves a professional marketing presence. Small businesses do not have unlimited resources to devote to marketing.

Shaved Head Media adds the value of a full scale marketing agency and a professional partner for your brand or business. We offer a vast array of creative, mobile friendly, custom marketing solutions that help achieve your marketing goals. 

Reporting and Analysis

We’ll review the progress, and the results of your website traffic in detail.


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