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A resonating experience leads users to remember an encounter. This creates a more likely user-brand interaction. Leverage our experienced promotion teams, exclusive NYC venues and celebrity vendors to deliver product messaging that resonates with your target audience.

Outdoor (OOH) Distribution
Street Teams Promoters
Event Staffing
Private, Corporate, & Themed Events
Network & Nightlife Events

Our event and promotions strategy combines all our efforts in a nutshell.  Printed material, mobile campaigns, outdoor efforts, as well as hand to hand promotions and media buys will all be complimented by our online and SEM strategies.

The distribution of the brand message will be consistent, positive, and resonate throughout the local and regional area. A resonating experience leads users to remember the encounter.  This creates a more likely user-brand interaction. We have packaged them into one affordable display.


Event Staffing & Street Team Distribution

Event Staffing, Outdoor and Street Team Distribution is one of the oldest and most successful mediums for direct, local marketing.  Led by one of our Talent & Casting Directors, our teams will genuinely bring you the “best bang for your buck”.

We offer top rate to all our promoters.  This draws the best industry talent.  We intake new candidates weekly, looking for new, enthusiastic, energetic talent.  Each team is pre-screened, and trained on the your products or services.  Through our many years of experience, we’ve developed some top notch teams, and they are ready for the next project.

Our experience has allowed us to learn the major factors for a positive outdoor user experience:

1. Appearance:
Users are less likely to interact if our promoter is not welcoming, inviting, or attractive.

2. Distribution Product:
Brand collateral must have impact, including messaging.   

3. Positive Experience:
Brand offer, messaging, and appearance all generate a positive, resonating experience. 

Street Team Distribution

We educate and train our street teams on your product or service. We can distribute at all major transportation hubs in NYC. We roll-out as a team, on location, readily prepared to directly delivery your brand message to thousands of users.

Promotions Event Staffing

We can deploy outdoor, promotional events, conventions (all types), special events. Our event staff are Models, Actors and Actresses. Our teams deliver a custom message tailored just for you.



Our Tri-State Area venues range from Rooftop spaces, high end nightclubs, popular lounges, museums, galleries, concert halls, themed or costume designed spaces and restaurants big and small. We offer a talented chef lineup, music by world class DJs, and beverages from world class Liquid Chefs and Mixologist.


We’re creating new events every week!

Special Events

Networking Events
Product Launch
Themed/Costume Designed Events
Prohibition Style Events
Indoor Beach Party
Street Team Distribution
Media Events
Event Planning
Casting Calls
Theatrical Shows & Production
Movie Previews
Venue Consulting
Venue Booking

General Events

Nightlife Events and Clubs
Concerts & Live Shows
Networking Events
UP Fronts for Broadcast Networks
Corporate Events
Sponsored Events
Private Events
New Theatrical Shows


Executive Chef Roster
Catering Services
Serving Staff
Custom Menu
DJs/Music Roster



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