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H.O.M.E. A New Play

  • The New Ohio Theatre 154 Christopher Street New York, NY, 10014 United States (map)

H.O.M.E. A New Play at The New Ohio Theatre

The Unity Theater Company of New York City presents H.O.M.E (Habitat of Meta-Humans Enterprise), a new play written by Angélica Rivera and Mar Z. Tran. H.O.M.E (Habitat of Meta-Humans Enterprise) opens at The New Ohio Theatre, Thursday August 18th at 7pm. Produced by The Unity Theater Company of New York City. Directed by Daniel Echevarria.

We follow the story of six young people in a re-imagined universe where teenagers develop super powers. Navigating their comfortable lives in the Habitat of Meta-Humans Enterprise (H.O.M.E), a facility created by the government to rehabilitate and incarcerate those people who have illegally used their super powers. However when Adam, an immortal arrives at the facility, they begin to rethink their place in society. As the group becomes acquainted with Adam, they begin to fully realize the potential of their abilities.

Will they use their abilities impact political corruption and the war, or will they use these powers to seek revenge against the society that oppressed them?

On the exterior, H.O.M.E. is a play about young superheroes who have been captured without knowing why, nor very willing to do anything about it. However, underneath lies the story of a group of people who are trapped with identities they cannot fully comprehend. That is until their overseers decide that they are useful enough and can help them take over the world by exploiting their unique skills.

This is an important story to tell today — specifically with this years presidential election and the controversy surrounding the candidates. We as a people must learn both the importance of teamwork, and the necessity of using our individual skills and talents, in order to elect a leader who will not take advantage of us. Moreover, we must all learn how to lead and ultimately find our voices. Once we do, we can make a difference together.

Desara Gjoni as Harper
Esteban Rodriguez-Alverio as Adam
David Joel as Issac
Kyle Chua as Ezra
Shaunté Truick as Raine
Kat Pena & Pilar Gonzalez as Charlie
Larry Johnson as Abraham
Lisa Dennett as Madam Sculd

New Ohio Theatre

154 Christopher Street
New York , New York 10014


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H.O.M.E. A New Play