How you communicate value is just as important as the value you communicate. We carefully developed our departments intently focused on providing creative solutions for any brand or business. Our experience has enabled us to work with a diverse group of businesses, in a variety of markets.

Areas Of Focus:

Non-Profit Organizations
Law Offices
Real Estate
Health and Medical Provider
Restaurants, Bars & Clubs
B2B Service Providers
Retail Stores
Waste Management

Live Entertainment
Private & Public Events


Explore our capabilities in detail below.


Digital Marketing is key for the success of any business. We keep your audience networks active with vibrant, targeted campaigns and offers. Retain current and acquire new customers.

•  Integrated Marketing
•  Social Media Management
•  Content Generation & Publishing
•  Website & Email Marketing
•  Customer Brand Engagement

Creative Advertising Design

By bringing ideas to life, our Creative Advertising Design makes an impact for your digital, print and online campaign. Our vast experience will help refine your messaging, and move forward with creatively tailored marketing materials to target & engage your audience.

•  Creative Design
•  Strategic Advertising
•  Media Creation
•  Customized Promotional Messaging
•  Brand Design & Development

Public Relations
& Publicity

What are you doing to reach out and create new relationships? Gain public visibility and awareness for any product, brand, service or event. An intelligent way to build your brand.

•  Boutique PR
•  Communications + Strategy
•  Visibility Opportunities
•  Community Relations
•  Management


A websites key role is to generate business. Demonstrating creativity is only part of we can do to convert a website visitor into a customer.

•  Website Design
•  SEO & SEM
•  Cross Media Strategy
•  Online Presence
• Website Marketing


Events +

Leverage our experienced promotion teams in your community, or our network of exclusive NYC venues and celebrity vendors, to deliver product messaging that resonates with your target audience.

•  Outdoor (OOH) Distribution
•  Street Teams Promoters
•  Event Staffing
•  Private, Corporate, & Themed Events
•  Network & Nightlife Events


We provide all variety of entertainment production solutions across several mediums, with our diverse group of artistic production services. Our stage and screen professionals are ready for your next production.

•  Live Entertainment, Film & Theatre
•  Art Installations
•  Scenic, Light and Sound Design
•  Video & Photography
•  Printing & Print Media


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