Shaved Head Media brings the value of a full-scale creative marketing agency and professional partner for your business. We work collaboratively to grow your market share by focusing strongly on the purpose of the work. We learn your business and sell it as our own. Mobile, outdoor, email, online, social. Each to be utilized to deliver the message to an individual user, on a massive scale.

Who are we? We have over 60 years of combined experience in marketing and advertising design, content creation, media relations, print, online media, alternative news, staffing & brand ambassador management.



Advertising &
Marketing Services

Our extensive creative design experience will help you refine your messaging, and move forward with new, curated marketing materials to target & engage an audience.

•  Advertising Design
•  Marketing
•  Strategic Media Buying
•  Customized Promotional Messaging
•  Brand Design & Development


Social Media Management

What are you doing to reach out and create new relationships? We’ll help you retain current and acquire new customers with content generation and publishing.

•  Social Media Management
•  Organic Marketing
•  Content Generation & Publishing
•  Brand Ambassadors
•  Customer Brand Engagement



Media Relations & Publicity

Gain public visibility and awareness for any product, brand, service or event. A smart way to build a fan base, a vibrant segment for targeted campaigns and offers.

•  Communications Strategy
•  Boutique PR
•  Visibility Opportunities
•  Client Database &
    Prospect List Management
•  Community Relations
     and Management


Website Design
& Online Presence

A website's key role is to generate business, and demonstrating creativity is only part of what converts a website visitor into a customer.

•  Website Design
•  Website Partnership-as-a-Service
•  Search Engine Marketing
•  Website Marketing



Events, Sponsorships
& Promotions

Leverage our experienced promotion teams, exclusive NYC venues and celebrity vendors to deliver product messaging that resonates with your target audience.

•  Outdoor (OOH) Distribution
•  Street Teams Promoters
•  Event Staffing
•  Private, Corporate and
    Themed Events, including
    Nightlife Events
•  Exclusive Venue Partnerships



How you communicate value is just as important as the value you communicate. We can manage all varieties of campaigns across different mediums, while meeting your production needs.

•  Live Entertainment Event Production
•  Video for Broadcast TV & Web
•  Film & Theatre Production
•  Set and Light Design, Art Installations
•  Printing & Print Media Campaigns


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